Students in the event of morning prayer at Satyachetana Sikshyashram

Students in the event of morning prayer at Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Balanga. More »

Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri

Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri More »

Satyachetana Trust, Odisha

Satyachetana Trust, Odisha More »

Satyachetana Ashram, Gadamanitri

Satyachetana Ashram, Gadamanitri More »

Spiritual Education

Spiritual Education at Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri More »

Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Balanga More »



The activities of Satyachetana Trust are managed by an Administrative Committee consisting of the following:

Managing Trustee – Dr. Jyotsna Rani Mishra

Treasurer – Surendra Kumar Gajendra

Public Relation and Coordination- Ajaya Kumar Biswal

Audit & Accounts – Purnasmita Behera

Web Administator – Anshuman Mishra

Satyachetana Trust is engaged in the following activities:

A. Schools

The Trust runs two schools in Odisha to impart holistic education to children.  The schools are called Sikshyashrams, places of material education with a spiritual foundation. Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Gadamanitri is managed by ashramites of Gadamanitri, and Satyachetana Sikshyashram, Balanga is managed by the life members of the movement.

B. Spiritual Education

1. Yoga/spiritual camps
2. Awareness-building programs for expanding the consciousness
3. Dissemination and distribution of spiritual literature
4. Conducting residential courses on yoga, health and hygiene

C. Training Camps

The Trust conducts training camps from time to time to upgrade the skill of individuals in different fields.

D. Vocational Education

Satyachetana Trust gives training on computer, farming, printing and book binding, office management and accounting.

E. Veda Yajna Department

Satyachetana Trust manages the Veda Yajna Department of Odisha and the Veda Yajna Ashram in Bhubaneswar.